Zhurdan - Healers

The Zhurdana are the ones gifted at birth by the Gods That Be to be healers. Their gift requires them to willingly sacrifice their own health to take the damage of those they heal. It is a calling that is not chosen willingly but seeming at random.

The Temple teaches that the gift of Zhurdan is one of great destiny and a gift not to be taken lightly.



The player places both hands on the target and the GM rolls percentile dice to see if they can be healed. If they can be healed, the Zhurdana takes all the damage that the target received. The zhurdana is able to immediately roll their Fortitude to halve the damage they’ve taken.

Fortitude Save (DC = attacker’s lvl or HD + attacker’s Will Save)

The GM percentile roll is based on the Yokai scale corresponding with the actions to date of the person being healed and how it places them upon the scale.

They are able to roll each day after 8 hours of uninterrupted rest to halve the damage at the same DC as the first roll until the damage is reduced to 0.


Zhurdana are unable to heal themselves or other Zhurdana like they heal others, instead it occurs as a reflexive action. At the beginning of their turn after the round they’ve taken damage, they can roll their fortitude to halve the damage. This roll is not repeatable except when new damage is received.


Zhurdana automatically stabilize if they take damage that reduces their HP to negative amounts. If a zhurdana reaches a negative hp equal to their constitution, they will die with a chance to regenerate. The chance is equivalent to their HD + Will Save.


If a zhurdana regenerates, his body is destroyed and is returned to the material world anew. The player will roll new stats, height and weight while the GM rolls for race and class. The player may retain their memory at a percentile roll equal to their regeneration roll. If they retain their memories, their personality will change to reflect. Their memories of their old life are viewed separately as if watching from afar.

After the first regeneration, the zhurdana is capable of channeling energy as the class feature without being able to use any feats associated with it. When they channel, they heal everyone in a 30 foot burst centered on themselves taking as much damage as they want from each person, if only one person is in the burst then they take all of their damage. If they don’t take all the damage from everyone in the burst then their Fortitude save DC is (10 + highest attacker’s level or HD + attacker’s Will Save).

Healing as a burst is a full round action.


If the damage a zhurdana heals is caused by an inherent natural illness, there is a chance that they will take the disease along with the damage. They can heal the disease with three successive fortitude saves over three days.

The Fortitude DC is equivalent to the disease stats or similar as determined by the GM.

Magical Damage and Disease

A zhurdana’s gift reacts differently to damage from arcane or psionic sources as well as to magical diseases. They can still roll their fortitude to mitigate but only reducing the damage by a quarter each successive roll. Diseases of a magical nature take twice as many days to heal, so 6 successive fortitude saves over 6 days.


a zhurdana is immune to all natural poisons as well as receiving a DR 10/magic to natural acids and chemical weapons.

Healing Items

A zhurdana is capable of pouring their healing power into a tea. The tea used to make the healing potion must be good or better quality. The cost must be in the price range of the zhurdana’s level x 10 in gold equivalent currency.

The damage amount that the Tea heals must be taken as regular damage. The zhurdana reflexive heal does not apply to this as they voluntarily hurt themselves to make it.

Any tea that heals ability damage must be taken as an equivalent temporary loss to the appropriate ability score healing in 1d4 days.


Healing Tea (Will Save, DC = Half the damage to be healed – Zhurdana’s Level)
Ability Tea (Will Save, DC = 20 + Ability Damage Healed)

Zhurdana Meditation

If the zhurdana is willing to meditate and learn how to control their gift, they can do so quite easily. At least 8 hours each day must be spent in meditation on the source of their power in order to unlock any abilities associated with being zhurdana.

The weaker a zhurdana is, the more time must be spent meditating. While the meditation doesn’t necessarily have to be successive in days spent, any break in the meditation of more than 2 days will lose any previous progress.


Daily Meditation DC: 35 – Level or HD +/- any relevant penalties or bonuses from spirit scale.
Amount of Meditation needed: 30 – Level or HD +/- penalties or bonuses in days, no less than 8 hours spent in meditation per day.

Zhurdan - Healers

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