Yuting - Known but not logged

Main log


  • Bai actually went to visit a man she knows and ask him about the new behavior of the forest.


  • First encounter on this trip with a tue (TU-ay) yokai: 3-foot-tall rabbit-humanoid spirit; pacifist; known for helping travelers on the road by leaving parcels of food or clothing.
  • Yun didn’t know Sarjana is a woman.


  • Bai is a professional Wylds guide and scouts for Chenmo.
  • Two eo settlements have previously been encountered in the Wylds.
  • Bai was given a “master” journal that collects anything written within 60 feet. These collected writings are then sent back to Chenmo. The book also allows Bai to receive messages from the Chancellor.
  • Vasan lives in a portable hole on top of Raktim and Sarjana’s wagon.


  • Each sihir forms a symbiotic bond with one particular yokai. Vasan is bonded to a wood yokai. He gains some of their power and can always see into Jing Jingjie. He can’t and mustn’t speak to another yokai.
  • Ashen remnant of forest has a mark of death on it, like Raktim. Yay, death and void yokai!


  • Batukhan is using a spell to speak with us; we don’t recognize the true language.
  • The alternative to joining the secret police is field deputization. Upon our return to the Empire, it would require being presented to the Emperor, who would decide whether we die or become full members of the secret police. All field deputies in the last 600 years have died.


  • The Green Wall is a grown wall, approximately 200 ft. thick. It’s the third level of defense against the Lady. Wang’s children and other followers defend it.


  • Notta built the cathedral where we found Chaunder.
  • Bloma have been wiped out in the 100 Kingdoms because the Sodality doesn’t allow magic.
  • Only Notta are in charge in the Sodality.
  • The Ystorian war would’ve been the Sodality fleet. They’ve since earned their independence.

Main log

Yuting - Known but not logged

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