XP Rewards and Distribution

Standard XP
When calculating xp at the end of a session, I use the CR table loosely if there was combat. The reason I say loosely is that this is a custom campaign with custom creatures and races and often the creatures will not correspond directly to any other creature in the bestiary. Some custom monsters will have abilities that may place them higher but I balance those with weaknesses. But you will always receive XP for combat situations.

Skill Challenges
Skill challenges are treated like a combat encounter on the CR table and may increase or decrease accordingly with their challenge level. Skill challenges are any complex situation which requires the characters to roll their skills in order to achieve a successful outcome or to survive. This does not include any time you roll skills.

Character Logs

The formula for character logs is as follows:

A standard log written in character receives the minimum xp bonus of the party’s CR level after being divided among PCs. A log that merely recounts events and doesn’t add any flavour will only receive half of the standard CR level XP.

You receive a %25 xp bonus if the log is written in the character’s voice, or if the log is humourously or colorfully written. A %50 bonus if both, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are penalized.

Once per session, a player may receive another %50 bonus if their character displays growth whether that growth is negative or positive.

XP Rewards and Distribution

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