Triumvirate of Halls

Tanah Baru’s government is set up as a parliamentary monarchy with power divided between the throne and the three halls of parliament.

Coral Throne

The royal head of state is responsible for the final approval of any law being passed, as well as foreign relations. The monarch is also able to draft new laws that have to be approved by all three halls of parliament.

Orang Biasa

The Hall of Commons represent the 15 districts of the kingdom (minus the capital district) in any matter that concerns civil law. 3 representatives of each district are elected every 5 years with no member being able to serve more than 2 terms. For a law to pass in the Orang Biasa, it requires 31 votes, absent members are counted as negative votes.


The Hall of Merchants represent the 28 mercantile associations on any matter that concerns the economy. Each association is permitted 2 elected members of the Hall, chosen every 3 years, with no member being able to serve more than 4 terms. This hall is the place where bills and laws die usually as the merchants debate the most. It once took the Pedagang 5 years to pass a law concerning tax rates on beans when the other two halls had passed it within a month. Any law or bill requires 35 votes to pass, they also require waiting til all members of the hall are present before debating any law. They meet twice a year.


The Hall of Asrama is almost a hall only in name. The Biarawan is the only Hall with a capital district representative. This hall concerns itself mostly with any law that impacts the spiritual well being of the Baruni. There are only 16 members, each representing the temple complexes of each district. There are no set terms for election of the seats as the Asrama serve until they are no longer able to or are removed by the Pemilihara of their respective temples. It is rare for this hall to dissent when passing measures or bills.

Royal Bureaucracy

The government is heavily regulated by a wide spread bureaucracy responsible for almost every facet of life in the kingdom. From Roads, Waterworks, Courts, Schools and everything inbetween. The positions are appointed by the Royal Advisory Council headed by the Monarch.

Triumvirate of Halls

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