Overuse of Magic

Magic in this world carries a price for using it too much. Many of the magic users understand that magic is a gift that is not to be abused for personal gain.

  • Magic users can maintain active enchantments equivalent to their unmodified will rating without penalty
  • Unmodified in this instance means a will rating at your class level, unmodified from magic items or buffs.
  • Enchantments in excess of their Will Save garner a -2 penalty per enchantment
  • If the magic user maintains excess enchantments for as many rounds as half their level, then there is a chance they will succumb to arcane psychosis.
  • First round = DC 20 Will Save
  • Second round = DC 25 Will Save
  • Third round = DC 30 Will Save…etc.

Active effects are any magical effects that require activation such as magical items with commands words or spells or spell effects. This does not apply to at will powers.

Enchanted equipment with an ongoing enchantment such as bonuses from armour do not count as active enchantments.

Overuse of Magic

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