Onmyoji - Will and the Word

The art of mysticism in the world of Paoru is divided in its use and skill. The most basic form is called “Hand Magic” and is practiced by those called Wushi.

There is an art form that is reserved for those who are stronger of will and talented in the skill of memory. This is called “Will and the Word” and is practiced by those known as Onmyoji.

Standard magic users like Wushi must channel their magic through specific hand movements and the use of certain key ingredients that are symbols for the elements of the spells they cast. The talent and skill needed to become an Onmyoji is more rare and thus more respected. The Onmyoji doesn’t need to use hand movements or symbols to utilize their power. They gather their will and focus upon the intent and say a single word to release it. There are even some who can implement their talent without words.


  • Onmyoji receive bonus spells per day equal to their Int modifier on all levels they are able to cast.
  • Since their power stems from will power, as they cast spells per day they begin to weaken. When they’ve used 75% of their available spells per day, they must roll a will save minus the amount of spells they’ve used or gain the fatigued condition. If they use all of their available spells, they gain the fatigued condition and must roll their will save minus their daily spells or gain the exhausted condition.
  • Onmyoji still use spellbooks but do not have to memorize their spells each day.
  • The spells that Onmyoji cast have only one spell component: verbal
  • Onmyoji are able to take the silent spell feat to remove verbal components but are unable to utilize the following feats: Quicken Spell or Still Spell
  • they are able to ignore the spell failure for wearing armour as they don’t require somatic components

Onmyoji - Will and the Word

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