Lake Districts

The Lake districts are so named for the 9 lakes found in the three districts. The lakes are considered holy by the Baruni who live there and many of their shrines are devoted to the 9 Sisters of the Water.

Due to the wetlands found here, rice is the main field staple. The landscape covered in tiered paddies surrounded by the mists in the morning and evening.


Andijanri is home to lakes Rawa Pening, Jatiluhur, and the twin lakes Sutami and Sempor. The sarongs here are dyed shades of light blue and both men and women utilize tattoos to tell the story of their lives. The tattoos are begun over the heart written in the spidery script of teh baruni and drawn in circles on the chest.

Janri rice has a floral aroma favoured for savoury dishes with wild boar.


Kemakmuran is home to lakes Sentarum, Bangkau, Riam Kanan, Semayang, Jempang. The clothing here uses ombre dyeing techniques starting at dark blue and going to light grey. The tattoos here are done around the neck, wrists and ankles in bands portraying the person’s name and family lineage.

Murani rice is very mild flavoured and is used primarily in a local dish called Bera Boli wherein cooked rice is flavoured with cinnamon, cardamom, and goat’s milk then rolled into balls and fried with strips of buapi.


Kegirangan is home to only one lake, Paniai. The fabric here is undyed and is decorated with tiny bells. The bells play a large part with the ritual dancers this district is known for, called Airi Peni, who perform in public tea houses. The dancers are scantily clad and the dance can be described as inflammatory and lascivious.

Lake Districts

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