Inner Districts

The Inner districts made up of Untung, Keberuntungun, Suka, and Cukup are hard to distinguish from each other except for geographically. The four districts share so many similar customs, mostly due to the Buapi Orchards located here. The four districts do so much of the same business that travel between them is very common.

The four districts are so similar that the denizens there have attempted to have their districts reformed into one, but failed just shy of getting enough votes to achieve it. There is another attempt coming up in 3460 when the Triumvirate of Halls have their 10 year planning session.

Due to the prevalence of buapi found in the inner districts, it plays a large role in the cuisine. Many of the dishes are known for sauces made from buapi juice or stews with buapi flesh added in. Even the hard outer rinds are pickled or candied as snacks popular through the kingdom.

The people of the inner districts have forgone the wearing of the sarong in favour of the long batik tunics and pants with sandals. Their fabrics are died in patterns of circles within circles in shades of green and yellow.

Inner Districts

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