The Gao are the Sixth Race in religious texts and the Fifth of Kaida’s Children, though most people now refuse to acknowledge that they are any god’s children given their numbers and subraces and violent tendencies.

The first Gao were created before Kaida was thrown down by his brothers and sister in the Holy Land before the Mao exodus. The first Gao were tall like the Eo, reptilian like the Ast, intelligent like the Mao and gifted with mystic knowledge like the Blom. At first the races got along if somewhat a little strained but when Kaida’s brothers and sister discovered his act, they denounced him and consequently the holy leaders of the Mao denounced them as well. Civilians rose up against the Gao and violence ensued. The Second Holy War began and tore the Holy Land apart.

The combined forces of the first Five Races drove the Gao southwards and out of the Holy Land, the culmination of the war ending with the Faceless One’s appearance in the Material World as his brothers and sister cast him down.

The Gao were driven past the southern ocean and into the frozen southern land and entrapped there by the Mystics of the Holy Land using a Greater Word that placed an impassable barrier around them. They remain there to this day.


The Gao have 7 subtribes in total including the First Gao or the Rassa. Each tribe is different physically.

  • Rassa are the first gao and remain unchanged since the time of the Holy Land. Their heights range between 9’ – 12’ tall and their skin is reptilian, a dark green shade. They are imperious in their demeanour and proclaim themselves the rightful princes of all Gao. Their memories are long and they still remember the slights of the other races and bear them all enmity.
  • Oura are shorter than the Rassa, their heights ranging between 6’ – 7’ tall. They are immensely muscled and their skin is tough and scarred from years of physical endurance trials. Their skin is a pale yellow and their eyes are brilliantly green. They are typically used as the brunt force of the gao military as they require a lot of direction.
  • Aema are usually described as nothing more than mounts used by the other gao. They are quadrapedal and black skinned with a bony carapace that covers their most tender areas. They are quick and agile like large felines and their sense of smell is heightened.
  • Yaoja are the smallest of the gao with heights ranging between 2’ – 3’ tall. they are brightly green skinned little monstrosities with appetites that are almost insatiable. They appear to have no eyes but are capable of maneuvering around without issue using their sense of hearing and smell. They are hive minded and always appear in large groups of at least 20 – 30.
  • Lona are the most humanoid of the gao subraces. They appear as mao without the large ears and are white skinned to the point of being almost chalky white. Where their eyes should be are manifold layers of skin and their noses are blunt. They are the ones who volunteer for the Gaolning the most. They are more intelligent than the other races but never try to take over, merely serve as spies for the Gao forces.
  • Quada are smaller versions of the Aema, used as hunters and small attack dogs. They are roughly the size of large wolves with black shaggy coats of coarse fur. Their eyes are large and black. Hidden among their fur are poisonous quills that can be fired up to 60 ft accurately. Their bites and talons are equally poisonous.
  • Feyna are flying gao that are vaguely humanoid in shape with wings extending from their arms and vestigial legs that are only used for hanging upside down from. The inside of their wings are capable of excreting an acid that they use to digest their food. they will wrap their bodies and wings around a person and begin to digest them, the entire process only takes a few minutes.


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