Eighth Conversation

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Eighth Conversation

11th day of the Rat (Metal Day), year 3459 of Material Fire

Guntur: I am back.

Utari: I see. The rest of them are where they are. I think Bai is trying to get the smell out of the kitchen. A task beyond even the power of House, apparently.

Guntur: I will let them know the situation in a moment. Apparently there is a mammoth caravan transporting siege equipment. But that was not what I was looking for.

Utari: Oh?

Guntur: Yes. I was looking for some of those tangy berries you like. I figured we might find some bushes even in these plains, but I was mistaken. I was trying to find a little present to apologize for making you fly so far back.

Utari: Well, you should. That was exhausting.

Guntur: I know. I needed you out of danger, and I couldn’t have it take you back to House. I should have been quicker about giving it instructions to return in an hour or something of that nature.

Utari: That would have been a better idea, yes.

Guntur: I know. I was just focused on making sure you were safe.

Utari: I suppose that is forgivable. So you may consider yourself forgiven.

Guntur: Thank you.

Utari: You need to be more aware, though. You have been a bit stuck on yourself lately.

Guntur: I have been. But I think I am ok now. I was a little overwhelmed by the spiritual awakening, but I believe I have a handle on that now.

Utari: No longer overwhelmed with the burdens of moral consequence?

Guntur: Not overwhelmed, I do not think. Simply knowing that as I find time I can meditate and self-reflect makes it easier to handle. In the mean-time, I will do my best to not involve myself in the natural order where it does not concern me, and to insert myself in the affairs of people in a manner that avoids conflict where possible and minimizes harm.

Utari: That seems an inconvenient philosophy to adopt as your companions are about to depend on you in battle with the forces of the lady?

Guntur: I am hoping to avoid the forces entirely. Even this close to what look like major cities, there are only scattered wyern patrols. I might have expected a concerted effort to locate us. If the chancellor was able to from all the way in Chenmo, if the Lady cannot find us on her doorstep, I have faith in our ability to remain unseen.

Utari: But what happens when we reach the eyrie?

Guntur: I assume she will have a reasonable Notta contingent on guard wherever the main entrance is. We fly up and over, drop down, disable the house guards, and stab the Oni with the sword. The Spirit told us the shadow-oni we fought earlier were her elite soldiers, and we have the means of dealing with them now, so once we get close enough I believe we will overpower the local forces.

Utari: Sounds like a plan. What could go wrong?

Eighth Conversation

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