Capital District and Others

Ibu Kota District

The Capital district does not have it’s own definable culture like the other districts of the kingdom but is home to transplants from all over the kingdom itself. The capital city is the only settlement found there with the remaining land given over to private estates of the members of the triumvirate of halls.

The people who live in the city traditionally move there to work in government lending the place to a quiet dignified air, much more solemn than the rest of the kingdom. Everything that happens has a ceremonial feel to it.

This is where all the politics play out and where all the decisions are made. Housing is assigned based on merit, political office or financial status. It is also the home to the great complex of the bureaucracy.

Nasib & Selamat District

The buildings of Nasib are the oldest in the kingdom next to Selamat. This area was the original place the settlers first built before discovering the coast. the buildings have been maintained and beautified over the 8 centuries since the kingdom’s founding and the attitudes of the people reflect that. Many of the other districts think of the Nasibi and Selamati as arrogant given that they specifically wrote a national anthem for both that was separate from the Royal Anthem.

They are also the only districts who don’t have an estate set aside for the royal family. Their industry is based on the tending and caring of the kingdoms animal herds. Nasib raises the kungkung and Selamat raises the meracan for the military. Both districts have managed to hold onto their herd monopoly for 6 centuries since the war. King Hitanga Humijadar III wrote an edict after the war giving them the monopoly as reparations for the damage they suffered and no monarch since will reverse the law.

They wear multiple layers of clothing made from the traditional batik. Men wear floor length tunics with wrap around pants and women wear beautifully made wraparound dresses. Tattooing of the flesh is illegal in these districts.

The architecture is reminiscent of the empire with great buildings that serve many functions and multi-tiered housing with slender, steep stairs connecting different levels. the buildings are made of an amalgamated stone mixture that hardens in the sun and is pristine white. The older structures have great domes over them as newer additions. Both fountains and gardens are well cared for all over the cities.

Capital District and Others

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