The Mists of Paoru

The Rosewylds

9th day of the Hare, Wood Day

Sarjana and Raktim are chosen by the Visvadi Academy for the Rosewylds Expedition in leage with Chenmo of Baozuo. They leave on the 9th day of the Hare in the year 3458 on the long voyage to Baozuo.

Their voyage takes 3 months and 8 days, arriving in the Imperial City on the 17th day of the Hare where they are met by a caravan waiting to take them to the Keep at Chenmo. They are another 6 weeks on the road.

They arrive at the Silent Keep on the 29th of the Sheep where they are met by a parade and a banquet held in their honour and are introduced to Yuting, Yun, and Bai their guide.

They are given apartments until the Chancellor of Chenmo deems the expedition ready to begin. Their apartments are spacious and beautifully decorated and they are waited on hand and foot. After 3 weeks of silence from the Chancellor, all the members of the expedition are called to his office at the top of the keep.

23rd day of the Monkey, Void Day

The party is awoken near midnight by the chancellor’s aides and they are escorted to the chancellor’s office at the top of the keep where they meet heads of state and are informed as the true purpose of the expedition. It will take the party 3 weeks by wagon to reach the boundary of the rosewylds.

24th day of the Monkey, Spirit Day – party leaves Chenmo

15th day of the Rooser, Wood Day – arrive at the burn line demarcating the wylds and the empire. Fort Qiang is located for travellers to stop at before heading into the wylds. They do not need to stop for any supplies

16th day of the Rooster, Fire Day – first night spent beyond the burn line. Bai institutes Zoroasta campfire traditions where each member does a different task each night, no matter if they’re good at it or not. This results in Yuting and Raktim making the first night’s meal and everyone who eats it gets nauseated. Yun does not eat and is relegated to sleep in the darkness away from the campfire. During watch, only Sarjana experiences anything as she hears her mother’s voice from the darkness around the campsite. The voice emanates and travels around the campsite for an hour, during which she doesn’t respond to but notes that it’s an effect of the wylds. Raktim sees a herd of family of Axe Beaks running deeper into the woods in the early hours.

17th day of the Rooster, Stone Day – camp is broken and they continue deeper into the wylds. A little past noon they come across another caravan of wagons who have been destroyed and their occupants gone. Bai deduces that it occurred 5 hours ago and there would not be any survivors left, after some deliberation Sarjana and Raktim defer to her wisdom and decide against trying to find any survivors. Yuting and Yun search the wreckage and find rare silks which must have been meant to be sold in the north. They take enough silk to store in Yun’s bunk.

Later that afternoon, their caravan is attacked by sentient trees on each side of the trail. The battle continues as the party struggles to fight against the living trees attacking them from the side of the road. After a short and passionate battle, the party manages to destroy the attacking trees. It takes them 3.5 hours to clear the trees off the wagons to continue down the road. The party take samples from the trees to analyze them as Raktim wants to see if the trees are susceptible to a particular poison. They will be working on this project over the course of the next 4 days.

Bai suggests a campsite nearby and after a foul start and a short lesson period, they bed down for the night. During Bai’s watch, a swarm of Black Bog Beetles surrounds the campsite. The party members play with some magic and the swarm before Yun and Yuting collect some specimens.

18th day of the Rooster, Metal Day

In the morning, they discover the dead beetles are covered in a long furry bright green fungus as well as the specimens they collected.

They determine that the Axe Beaks who were eating some of the beetles seem okay and ignore the green fungus. It will take them about a week to analyze the beetles.

20th day of the Rooster, Void Day

After three days of analyzing the trees that attacked them they discover that the trees have similar attributes to the Blom. Sarjana takes a sample of a regular giant tree to compare the two and discovers older trees remian fibrous like trees should be.

While maneuvering their way through an older part of the forest, Sarjana hears the cries of a struggling child. Yuting uses magic to see what is happening and sees the child wrapped in tentacles being dragged into a pond where something dark lurks beneath the water.

Sarjana and Raktim jump off the wagons transforming and running to assist the child while Yun, Yuting and Bai follow with the wagons. Raktim arrives and throws a bomb at the tentacles which immediately release and slither back into the water while Sarjana moves into a protective position over the child. Closer inspection reveals the child to be made of some kind of slimy, transparent material and she realizes it’s a trap.

Tentacles erupt from the ground here and there attacking the group as they fight. Yun casts a spell that causes colored lights to jump from tentacle to tentacle hopefully to daze them, but it continues jumping until it lights up the whole pond which begins to bubble and rise. The reeds in the water vanish as the whole pond is revealed to be a massive gelatinous creature. It’s mouth reveals a stalk of eyes like a flower stamen and the tentacles disappear. The party refocuses their efforts upon the creature’s stalk. It emits a flash of deep green light which gives it control over Sarjana, Raktim, Bai and one of the Axe Beaks. Sarjana immediately walks into the creature being swallowed up by it’s gelatinous substance to be dissolved, except she’s immune to the acidic nature.

As the battle progresses, they begin to wear the creature down, causing it to shrink in size over time. Bai and Raktim break free of the creature’s control. While Raktim tries to get Sarjana out of the creature, Bai begins using an enchanted urumi to throw lightning at the stalks. Yun summons a swarm of tiny yokai made of metal that begin attacking the creature while Yun uses the staff of dragon breath to throw a fireball, all wearing it down even more. Yuting summons a swarm of fine yokai made of wood and a tiny burning yokai that begin attacking the monster.

Sarjana is finally released after the creature dies and dissolves into a faint mist leaving her gasping on the ground. The party sees a tiny flower growing where the monster was and it raises it’s bloom to explode a cloud of fine spores into the air. Yun and Yuting capture a sample of the spores to analyze.

After two days of analysis, the spores have grown quickly in mass consuming one another until only one remains which is able to float in the air naturally. It reveals it’s mass is made of the same slimy substance the monster was made from, giving the party the impression it is the same creature in seedling form.


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