The Gaolning

The Three placed a taint upon the Faceless One when he was cast down to the mortal world and blocked him from ever using mysticism in its natural form. In answer to his predicament and being cut off from his power, he spent years studying and searching for a new power until stumbling upon the Gaolning. It is a bastardization of magic in its basest form and its taint is always evident when its used.

The Faceless One chooses only a handful of his most loyal followers each year to undergo the Gaolning and learn to use his gift. The process is a brutal torture of both mind, body and spirit that lasts a full week. Only the hardiest will survive and they come through with one of the most powerful gifts in the world.

The Gaolning gives its user the ability to channel the power of life itself to achieve whatever effect they desire. While being the most powerful magic, it also has the secondary affect of being powered by the user’s own life. This leads them to draining life from things around them to extend their own lives.

The use of the gaolning shows physically in its user in various ways. Weeping sores, gaunt appearnace, withering limbs are all some basic symptoms. When they drain life from others, the physical effects are for a short time dampened.

The Gaolning

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