The First Cycle

0 – The Gods That Were create the Mao
500 – Kaida creates the Eo
700 – Kaida creates the Ast
900 – Kaida creates the Not
1100 – Kaida creates the Blom
1200 – First Holy War (80 years)
1280 – The Gods That Are cast down the Faceless One ending the First Holy War
1480 – the Faceless One creates the Gao
1500 – Second Holy War (45 years)
1543 – The Allied Army drives the Gao and the Faceless One to the Frozen South
1545 – The Master Onmyoji create the Divining Wall around the Frozen Southern Land
1600 – Mao Exodus from the Holy Land ending the First Cycle

The Second Cycle

The Four Gods made the world, this we know. They shaped the mountains and seas and brought forth the growing things and molded the clay into animals and breathed life into them. Then they created the Mao, the first race of men to walk the world and claim it as their own. Then the gods retreated to contemplate their creation.

They watched as their children grew in power and knowledge and thought much of themselves, but none more than Kaida. He saw the imperfections of their children and conceived of how to better them. He took some of the Mao for his own and through his will, he altered them and made the Eo but was not satisfied, he created the Ast, the Not and the Blom and was still unsatisfied.

Then the others, his brothers and sister, discovered what he had done and the Holy War began as the Mao waged war against the children of Kaida. Shaza and his brother Dempo together with their sister Kazzi captured their brother and seeing his arrogance, sought to punish him. Together, they stripped him of his immortality and his face and cast him down into the world to live with his creations who had turned on him at the end of the war when he forsook them. Then they watched the world from afar and contemplated.

The Faceless One was reviled by his children and cast out from their numbers. In anger and retribution, he used guile and his innate magic to gain mastery over a few and began once again to change them. When his family cast him down to the mortal world, they had stripped him of his full divinity but not his strength of will. They could not remove that. Instead they tainted his power so that no matter what the purpose was, it would be vile and corrupt and the Gao were born. Twisted versions of his children, they worshipped him and loved him and died for him. Their numbers grew and the Second Holy War began as the Mao allied with the Ast, Eo, Not and Blom fought against the Gao. The combined numbers drove the Gao and their lord to the southern most continent and using their wyrding skill, trapped them there. The faithful children took long to recover from that war and were scattered.

The First Cycle

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