Dates are in reverse order (because I can!).
Game session short notes
3459/01/15 – Yun scouts the area, but teleports back. The rain picks up. Gunturs deity tells us to go now. We cloud shift with Gunturs casting and make a rush for the top of the mountain. Yun opens up a hole in the side of the castle. We explore for a moment before a guy welcomes us and takes us to the Lady. Yun near immediately attacks the Lady and misses. The lady responds and Bai disappears, Guntur falls to the ground seemingly unconscious, and Saraja also falls to the ground. Gunturs body seems to be glowing. I try to buff, but am frozen by the lady. Flame strike the lady, start up buffs, save Utari, wrestle with the Yoki. Lady dies. Yun drops guntur and the lady in a pit. He explodes and is reborn. I go to talk to Guntur.

lvl 1 : 1
lvl 2 : 2
lvl 3 : 1
lvl 4 : 3
bardic performances : 3
Game session short notes

3459/01/15 – I am sickly white skin color. Everything seems to just radiate sound and intense colors. I have no idea what race I am. My eyes are folded over with skin. My nose is blunt. My mouth is wide with lots of teeth. My tongue long and serpent like. My fingers are long with long talons. 5’11 120lbs. I don’t know what sex I am. I make my way downstairs to see if any of the group knows what I am. Bai immediately draws her sword and Guntur panics calling out 300 monkeys from nowhere. I freak out, cast grease on the monkeys to aid in my escape, call on my ring to stealth me, and I high tail it back to my room. I reflect on the weird aurora that was around them all. I noticed the Zhardana’s were very bright and hurt my visual receptors (eyes). When the confusions is over, I make my way back down stairs. Yuting informs me that I am a Gao, specifically a Lana. I have the unseen servant tries to feed me, but it was awful and I vomited. So the servant cleans up the mess. Yuting informs me that I feed off of living flesh. That does not appease me much at all. I take off the Chameleon ring for the ring of sustenance, but it burns really badly. I swap rings back.

3459/01/14 – Asta Male. Today I just cleaned the house.

3459/01/13 – Notta Male. Today I just helped others prep everything that they need.

3459/01/12 – 2am – A loud noise hits the side of the house. I look out the window and see a Wyvern holding on tight to the side of the house. I cast grease on it to get it off but it holds on tight. So I poke it with a broom stick until I scrape it off. It falls off and I crawl back into bed. No sooner do I get into bed then the house starts to dive. I pull the blankets over me and go back to sleep. Around 6am I wake up in great pain all over. I am a female Notta 4’7 185lbs. My arm is functional and appears to be completely healed. We get in sight of the Eyrie, a large mountain with a vast army camped out around it. We found a spot to land the house and I cast Hallucinatory Terrain in the form of a near impassible landscape and ruins to disguise the house and hopefully keep away prying soldiers.

3459/01/11 – This morning I wake up as a female Bloma 5’7 147lbs. The bracelet has extended up to the bicep. I makes the decision that I do want to go with Yutings plan. She cuts my arm off and gives me a drink of healing tea. It was a shock but I managed to deal with it. My arm regrows with a burning sensation of it being asleep. I watch fascinated as my arm grows back over the next several hours. We discuss the passing of the mammoths carrying trebuchets and whether we should do something about them. We decide that it isn’t worth the risk. Thus I go up to the top of the house and attempt to watch them go by while my arm regrows. I can’t really see them, but I can hear them and occasionally catch a scent. The rain storm moved in and was very nice at first, but I decided to end my watch when it got a little heaver. It was time for dinner anyway.

lvl2 : 2 castings
lvl3 : 1 casting
lvl4 : 1 casting
bardic performance used : 3

3459/01/10 – I wake up a Notta female. I eat a big breakfast. I am really hungry without my ring of sustenance. We talk about my ring over breakfast. We keep trying to figure things out. The ring has transformed into multiple rings and bracelet. I try to use the ring, but it gets warm, lifts me up, and I feel like I am drowning. After but a few moments the water bursts and all the pipes in house explodes. Guntur has an idea. He pulls a frog into his kimono and casts disspell. Nothing happens when Guntur or Yuting try to dispell it. However, Guntur gets a message from his spirit saying it isn’t cursed but some form of divine power channel that is linked to its owner.

When I try to touch water, it evaporates. How interesting. I have to be careful about which hand touches what. After spending some hours helping clean up the mess I made, I go back to my room and attempt my zhardana meditation again. (made 1of10 check).

3459/01/09 – Today I am a Notta male 5’3 184lbs (horns like a ram). There are ruins outside. Guntur, Yun, and I go explore. Encounter a Bulette, I try really hard to think of a way to pacify it but in the heat of the moment I fail to think of something and fall back to my flame strike. I unleash the colors of my shirt for extra dramatic flare and help my comrades with Dweomercraft. Yun finishes the beast off and the family ran off. I feel bad for the family as I did try to prevent this fight, but I feel as though my inability to flee the scene led me to be partially responsible for its death. Yun seems to think we can salvage the carcass. After telling the house it was on its way, Yun teleports the carcass back to the house and moments later we hear Vassan and Bai scream from the house. Maybe we should have warned them too. We explored the cavern now that we were certain it was safe. We discover a number of gems, and 12 magical items in various states of use, including a silver rod it is a great power that we are unfamiliar with. We discovered two eggs which appear to still be good. After a debate on what to do with them, Yun and Guntur swayed me into taking them with us where we hope to raise them in a friendly way and take care of them. However, shortly after Guntur had a change of heart and decided to track down the mother and return the eggs. While Guntur goes on his mission, Yun and I return to the house.

Once back at the house I look at the various magical devices:
4 rings

  • (Tenn) sparkling gold (unknown energy) feels warm when I try to activate it. I can’t take it off.
  • (store in house) spells knowledge 2 (spell shatter in it) http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/ultimateEquipment/ringsRodsStaves/rings.html#_ring-of-spell-knowledge
  • (store in house) force sheild http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/magicItems/rings.html#_ring-of-force-shield
  • (Guntur) rat fangs http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/ultimateEquipment/ringsRodsStaves/rings.html#_ring-of-rat-fangs

4 rods

  • (store in house) metamagic ectoplasmic (minor) http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/advanced/advancedFeats.html#_ectoplasmic-spell
  • (store in house) rod of withering +1 http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/magicItems/rods.html#_rod-of-withering
  • (given to Yun) rod of absorption (21 levels out of 50) http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/magicItems/rods.html#_rod-of-absorption
  • (Guntur) metamagic thundering (greater) http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/advanced/advancedFeats.html#_thundering-spell

(Tenn) headband: arial agitliy +6 http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/ultimateEquipment/wondrousItems/headbands.html#_headband-of-aerial-agility

(Guntur) staff: swarming insects

2 books

  • (library) large tomb gollum manual (can’t tell what type exactly)
  • (yuting) wonderous tomb of clear thought +4 int http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/magicItems/wondrousItems.html#_tome-of-clear-thought

Yun made Bulette steaks. By the time I had finished figuring out what the items were, steaks were ready. I ate, very tasty(!), and then started cleaning the items. Yuting comes down stairs and joins us for dinner; for which she threatened Yun into making broth instead of steaks. Vasan spots a storm, we guess it is Guntur. Yuting contacts Guntur. He is handling the situation; making his way back as stealthy as possible. House creates fog to avoid the swarm of something; Yun makes it invisible. I play with flying with the headband on.

Guntur comes back; needs to make penance and make armor. I cast invisibility on him so he can do that. When he gets back, I pester him to take a look at the ring. The ring suddenly has a pictograph. The jiyuni pictograph is a story is woman drowned by river and the woman has become temple of the woods saint of lost children. Her name is Kimuri (the wretched). she is always near rivers.

Yuting tells us about the bonchin that was released came by and chatted with him.

Game session

3459/01/08 – Today I am a Asta female and my curiosity of anatomy is the strongest yet (Will save after roll with current negative modifiers: 10). Once again, I feel as if I only read the same page of the book today.

3459/01/07 – Today I am a Eo male. Spending the day reading in the library.

3459/01/06 – Today I am a Asta male Starting to feel better ( Wisdom starts healing). Spending the day reading in the library.

3459/01/05 – Today I am a Bloma male. Spending the day reading in the library.

3459/01/04 – Today I am a Bloma female. The anatomy is very tempting and causes my mind to wander. I feel I spent the whole day reading the same page of the same book. (Will save after roll with current negative modifiers: 11).

3459/01/03 – Today I am a Mao again. Spending the day reading in the library.

3459/01/02 – Today I am a Notta female. Very odd and I must strive to keep myself honourable and not fall into temptations to do things I shouldn’t (Will save after roll with current negative modifiers: 18). Spending the day reading in the library.

3459/01/01 – I came out of my meditation this morning. It was a very frustrating meditation. I don’t feel like I made any progress. I sing a song to help wake me up and stretch out my aching bones. It seems I am an Eo now and ridiculously tall. I feel very awkward and my head body still hurt. I decide to explore the house. Yuting is glowing with what I assume is her Zhardana healing powers. Apparently I didn’t come close to achieving my goal. I have also decided to take off my shirt and just wear my robe around my waist. Constant shifting into different forms may ruin my shirt so I must remember to take it off at night before putting it on in the morning.

3458/12/29 Continued – After exploring, I tried meditating again. Trying to understand the big ball of power I saw in my meditation last time. It seems like there is a force around it that I can’t quite get past. Still, I feel I understand it just a little bit more. After coming out of my meditation I find myself quite spiritually fatigued. We ate dinner and discussed our plans to go after the Lady. It is decided that we are going to make the journey but it will be several days. Yuting and I decide to meditate as much as possible for the next few days. We retire to our rooms and begin.

3458/12/29 – I finally come to. Was it all a dream? I can at least hear again! But it seems my skin color has changed. I look in a mirror and see me as a Mao, but not me. I don’t look anything like myself. I am also significantly taller. The house has changed as well. Once again, I set out to explore the house. I bumped into the others exploring the house as well. It seems we have been asleep for three days!!! I discovered the anti-magic devices in a lab and that reminds me to tell Bai that we borrowed her trunk to store them. She doesn’t seem to mind, thankfully. I found a library filled with books. Every book I have ever read is here plus many many more. I also discovered the magic door from the previous house incarnation. Only now, it is a dimension door that appears to be a jump to each kingdom! I think I am going to let the others explore this more. Even with my new amulet I am not excited to try it. I also don’t have a way back. Though I am curious about finding out more information of events in Jiyun as well as the health of my father and friends. Still, best to wait till others who are more capable at this stuff have explored it in greater detail. I inform the others of this discovery.

3458/12/26 – Early this morning many of the items on my list arrived! I was very excited. They were able to acquire a ring of sustenance so that I can give Bai’s back to her. The merchant informed me that he had the perfect item to help with my magical travelling woes. It is a necklace with a Scorpion encased in amber. He made claims that I wasn’t fully sure about, but I will take any help I can get.

We debated on how to best leave the city. We decided on letting Guntur tunnel out under the city walls while he drags me in a bubble similar to the rock spirits. It took about an hour, but Guntur made it. Once safely out of the city Guntur found what he needed to send us back through the tree roots. I braced myself and hoped for the best. The amulet is AWESOME! For the first time travelling magically, I feel amazing! I am so happy that the merchant told me the truth!!

I offered Bai the choice of the new ring or her old ring back. I wanted to ensure that if she had any sentimental attachment or preference that she made the choice as she was so gracious to let me borrow the ring in the first place. She wanted her original ring back and I thanked her again as I returned it to its owner.

The fire from the volcano is raging quite wildly and spreading into Heitou’s territory. We bounced many ideas around on how to slow or stop the fire, but the only reasonable idea was Guntur casting a sleet. I was hoping that we were just on the edges of the wild magic and unlikely to encounter it or at the very least the magic hit would multiply the effect in a positive way. Unfortunately neither was true and we were not so fortunate. So many things happened so fast that I never fully grasped everything that happened. Music starts playing but I don’t know where it was coming from. Guntur began coughing out butterfly’s. I am teleported across to the other side of the room and everything is so strange. My rings switched hands and when I told my right hand to move my left hand moves instead! What is going on? Another burst of magic and I watch myself transform into a Bloma! I immediately notice that I can’t hear nearly as well. Is there something blocking my ear? Have I gone partially deaf? Why do I feel taller? And what are these strange smells? Guntur smells like rotting fruit, Yuting like freshly turned earh, Yun has a musky patchouli scent, Bai like cinnamon, and I have an odd sandalwood scent.

I am in such a fascination that I completely miss what is going on around me. I hear them talking about the house cocooning and a sudden drowsiness falls over me. Weird portions of my life seem to come to me in my dreams.

3458/12/25 – I did it! A realization dawned on me today while meditating. I still have a long way to go but at least I am finally seeing progress.

3458/12/24 – Another day spent meditating and I am getting slightly annoyed. Is this worth it? Guntur seems to think so, thus I will give it another day. I don’t have much planned for tomorrow anyway.

3458/12/23 – I spent the day meditating on my Zhurdana healing while Guntur sent messages out. I was unable to make any progress.

3458/12/22 – I joined Guntur in a quest travelling to Tanah Baru. Guntur provided a means of travel through the roots of the plants in a similar fashion to how Senlin sent us. We arrived in the back yard garden of an abandoned house. Once again, magical forms of travel have made me nauseous. While I was busy regurgitating breakfast, Guntur was able to discern that we were a good distance away from the capital city. About 2 days on foot. Guntur offered another form of travel and I thought I was going to be sick again. However, when he mentioned that it would be via flight I cheered up. I may not have been very good at it last time, but I found the experience quite enjoyable.

I must admit, I had a lot of fun flying again. I must look into this as a mode of transportation in the future. It is remarkably enjoyable.

We arrive at the outside of the city. I have never seen another city in another country and I found it to be very thrilling to be a tourist of sorts. The road into the city was well guarded thus we took an alternate route in.

We found a vent leading to tunnels under the wall of the city. After a few minutes of tinkering with it, I finally managed to open it up. Utari led us through the tunnels but it wasn’t long before we could hear someone pursuing us. Guntur cast a spell to make the plants grow behind us in such a manner that they couldn’t follow. After about a half hour we found another grate on the inside of the city. It took a few more moments, but I managed to open it as well.

Utari cast a spell to clean us from our trek through the sewer sludge. I find it quite amazing that I can stomach such a trek, but maybe that is because there isn’t much left of breakfast to throw up. I should really look for something to eat. We passed by a vendor and I couldn’t help myself. It smelled so good! I was expecting a bit of haggling for the vendor to accept my currency, but it seems that there is enough trade between Jiyun that they accepted payment! That was nice, but the food made it all the more amazing! This is seriously some of the best food I have had in a long while. This dish may just be my new favourite food of all time!

I followed Guntur along to our first stop at Kain-Kains. Guntur inquires about his contact Tuti to the shop owner Panjara. While Guntur chatted with Panjara, I looked around the shop. Most of the clothing was far too loose and brightly coloured for me. I have often considered wearing something that had an easier fit then my own robes, but most of the clothing here was far too loose. Then I spotted it. A loose fitting white shirt that with a flick of the fingers unclasps to flash many colors. I practically rushed Panjara down in order to pay him. It seems it was a good time to interrupt too.

Panjara led us into the backroom and left us there to get Tuti. Guntur scoped the room while I changed into my shirt leaving the bottom half of my robe in tact while tying the top part around my hips. I was having a great deal of fun waving my hand around to see just a white shirt, then with a flick of my hand burst a flood of colours. Very entertaining.

After about two hours I was getting slightly bored. I had mastered the flick of the shirt to hook and unhook it and had even gotten a great deal of practice doing so as I performed the basic movements that I may find useful in combat. I do believe Guntur may have gotten bored of it far before I did. He seemed more interested in looking out the windows and surrounding areas. Thankfully Panjara returned with two Eo and informed us that Tuti was waiting.

The two Eo carry us in a palanquin. I was excited at first as I had never ridden in this style before, though I had seen it many times. It wasn’t nearly as smooth as I would have cared for, but it sure beats forms of magical travel! I wanted to see the city as we rode so I peaked out around the shades to see glimpses but I also didn’t want to draw attention. I really wish I hadn’t given up because I close my eyes for just a minute and suddenly I am inside of a parlour. Did I fall asleep? I am not sure but I think I just got teleported again because I don’t feel very well. Actually, I am pretty certain that is exactly what happened.

There were other people around chatting with each other and not really paying attention to us. However, up on the main dais there was a female Mao, who I assumed was Tuti. She didn’t look too pleased to see us and she looked injured. I let Guntur do the talking as I tried to regain my composure. At least I am not revisiting my earlier meal. It was far too good to be wasted like that.

Tuti tells us about the Queen ordering military outside of the city and forcing everyone to join the ranks. She also tells us about her spysd and contacts disappearing as well as of a raid on her by the military. I was doing ok paying attention, but then she gave us news so bad that even my stomach was stunned into silence. Gunturs father was killed in an attack. I felt really bad for Guntur at that moment, though he handled the news well. Naturally, he wanted to see the remainder of his family.

Guntur offered Tuti a place for her and her companions in the Roswylds, which it seemed she may accept. They traded information about the Chenmo and the various rumors and conspiracies surrounding the sudden miliatry activity and odd behaviour of the governments. She also divulged information about the protections around the city and that she was unaware of anything watching inside the city itself.

Tuti made a comment about Jiyun merchants that bothered me a bit. I asked Tuti for more information. She told how the Jiyunagi Bay had been closed to all foreigners by order of the Daimyo. The Provincial military had also been called into action. Thus any merchants and travelers were on their own and will most likely not be aided in times of travel or need. I feel that things are more dire back at home then I had suspected.

Guntur and I attended to the wounded and once done Guntur was given the chance to talk to his mother, but I left the conversation to them privately. I took up Tuti’s offer to locate any items we may need. I came up with a list just to see what they could get. I explored some of Tuti’s area and conversed in small talk with some of her people before calling it a night and turning it.

3458/12/21 Continued – It was then decided to go explore The Lady’s territory after we rest for the night. I helped Guntur figure out information about the wands he picked up during the fight and he gave me one! I am kind of excited to try it out. The house has grown from the eating the trees around it so we explored it a bit more before settling down for the night.

I was upstairs relaxing when Yun started making a racket through the whole house. Going downstairs I am told by Guntur that his Spirit guide has informed him that the Lady has sent assassins after us. Some kind of void creatures that are hindered by running water and die by zardana strikes. The group decides to have the house hover so they can’t get to us.

During the night we hear the fighting of the creatures vs the stone Yokai. We decided to get a closer look and attempt a distraction for Guntur to go and rescue Chondor. We try a few things like grease, heal potions, and what not with mixed results. Just because, I tried a flame strike with no success. The void creatures did something to startle the house. Bai stumbled and nearly fell out of the door. I was able to pull her back in. Three of the creatures joined together to form a larger creature. I cast grease on it and watched it fall. Quite humorous! Yun summons a giant spirit Yokai (bonus energy resistance 10) and it destroys the void creatures. I try talking to one but it is so full of hate and vile! So I tell it a joke and cause it to laugh. That was quite the ego boost to make a void creature burst out into laughing! Apparently the house didn’t care for the sound though as it quickly spit fire at the creature and killed it.

Utari tells me that Guntur is in trouble. Yuting confirms with farcasting. Yun tries to telaport us, even though I REALLY didn’t want to go, but it fizzled on him. While I was secretly glad for not having to travel that way, I hope I can make it to Guntur in time. The house dropped me off at the castle and I took off running. I meet Guntur halfway down in his rhino form. He gives me a lift out as we rush into the house.

Yuting farsees into the room. The guy chained by the ruins breaks free and laughs. A mountain erupts into a volcano. We talk about what happened and Guntur goes to consult his spirit. Guntur returns and informs us that everyones family is safe, but there is no information on his family. The moment he mentioned he was going to travel back to Tanah Baru, I leaped at the chance to join. It would be dangerous for him and Utari to go by themselves; besides what other chance will I get to see a new city?

3458/12/21 – Few hours before dawn the house begins to fly. It woke me up, but there wasn’t anything I could do. So I went and searched the house again. Guess what?! I find another secret (stone) door, but it is just a cupboard with nothing in it. Oh well.

Eventually the house landed and Guntur was there to greet us. He only had a little bit of time but he was able to scout out a little bit. We are certain this is where Yun is being held. Bai wanted to scout the area more and quickly disappeared. We attempted to get closer. Guntur and Vasan get captured by Yokai that snatched them and disappeared very quickly. I wanted to help but they were gone faster then I could react. We decided to go on and hope they are at the castle. We eventually sneak our way the castle gates. There are two guards; Yuting wanted to be diplomatic with them so I watched as he approached. They let her in and I followed without them seeing me. They took Yuting to Chonder (aka Chun) and while he seemed seriously nervous he was pleasant with us as we conversed. He agrees to let all of our friends go. We go collect everyone as we talk about his homeland in Estoria. We discovered that Mei Lou is a dragon that lives beneath the castle in the caves. The dragon eats the Eeo that the Yokai catch.

As Chonder is a little bit more comfortable with us and we seem to be on his good side for the moment. Thus we decided to go exploring. We discover a sub basement with a large red metal door with hidden magical text all over. I was able to read enough of the writings to know that it is an ancient dialect from Goshen. We ask for Vasan to show up hoping he could decipher it. It is Goshen but Vasan can’t read this dialect. Yuting determines that whatever is on the other side isn’t worth messing with. We head back upstairs. Bai tells us the house is eating Yokai again.

As we don’t want to annoy Chonder any longer (and he really wants to be left alone) we head out. Yuting made a connection with Batukan and asked him to stop sending scouts to Chonder.

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