Shou Moshu - Hand Magic

The art of mysticism in the world of Paoru is divided in its use and skill. The most basic form is called “Hand Magic” and is practiced by those called Wushi.

There is an art form that is reserved for those who are stronger of will and talented in the skill of memory. This is called “Will and the Word” and is practiced by those known as Onmyoji.

The easiest style of magic to learn is Hand Magic and can be a physically arduous taskmaster. The gestures and symbols that a Wushi use are complex and require years of study to master as well as having to learn which components work with which spells.


  • Wushi receive bonus spells per day equivalent to their Int modifier on all spell levels they can cast. Wushi can cast cantrips as a swift action and without spell components.
  • Any spell that a Wushi can cast has Somatic and Material components and is a standard action to cast even if the corebook says otherwise, being a Wushi isn’t cheap.
  • Wushi are able to take eschew materials but are unable to take Still Spell to remove their somatic components. If the Wushi takes eschew materials then all of their spells are considered full round actions as they have to make up for the loss of the material components of the spell. Wushi are also unable to take Quicken Spell to override the longer spell casting.
  • Because of the physical requirements and dexterity they use for their spellcasting, Wushi are often more physically inclined and will often have training to reflect that. Wushi receive Simple Weapon Proficiency and their spell failure chance when wearing armour is %5 less than stated though never reduced to 0

Shou Moshu - Hand Magic

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