Ocean Districts

The Ocean Districts are so named due to their proximity to the Thundering Sea. They also make up the largest amount of land in the kingdom and are solely responsible for the oceanic fishing industry.

They are culturally divided among the southern Golden Sand districs, the Oceania districts and the northern Black Sands districts.

The Ocean districts are known for the citizens wearing of Malo, a simple tucked version of the sarong that leaves their legs free to move and easier to swim.

Golden Sand Districts (Rasa Gita, Rasa Cinta)

The Golden Sand districts are populated by the Ingata Asta, those somber clans descended from the surviving four clans of the civil war. The Seni Academy is found here divided between Gita and Cinta. The Gita school specializes in music and performing arts while the Cinta school specializes in more physical art like painting and sculpture.

The dugong hunters of the Golden sand districts are well known for their seafaring tricks. The dugongs are a loved source of meat throughout the kingdom but are very dangerous to hunt given their size and ferocity. The dugong hunters use themselves as bait being dragged through the water behind their boats waiting for the dugong to swallow them. They then kill the dugong from the inside.

Oceania Districts (Capital, Kemewahan, Rasa Jiwa)

The Oceania districts of Kemewahan and Rasa Jiwa are well known for the beautiful cliffside towns carved into the white stone of the Oceania Peninsula. The districts are also known for the limestone quarries that are the primary source of marble for the kingdom.

Black Sand Districts (Kesejahteraan, Impahan)

the Black Sand districts are known for the making of volcanic glass flutes and glassware both of which are prized by the principalities and the empire. They are also home to the deep sea fishermen who hunt the pods of Kumi kumi or giant squid which is favoured in the capital district.

Ocean Districts

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