“Kazzi, the Mother of All, formed the creatures and plants from the aether leftover from the stars and populated the world of Paoru. She contemplated her children for a time before sparking upon an idea and in that idea, a great love bloomed for a unique race to have dominion over all else. She formed the love she felt and fused it with the clay of Paoru and created the Maora, her most favored children of all.” ~ 1st Story, Book of Forgotten Dreams

“When Kazzi finished populating the universe with stars and worlds and life, she took to naming them and therefore giving them purpose and life. Her brothers looked on in wonder at the plethora of beauty she had made and became jealous. Shazza asked Kazzi for some of her children to have as his own and Kazzi being wise and giving, gave him a certain number of the Yokai to name and have as his own. He called them the Tianshi and they were ever faithful to him. Dempo came in all his shadowy beauty and asked her sister to gift some children to him as well. Kazzi gazed into the endless darkness of Dempo and thoughtfully gave him more of her Yokai. Dempo took them and named them the Oni, who loved and feared great Dempo with all their being. Kaida remained still and gazed with mysterious eyes upon all that Kazzi had wrought and smiled.” – 3rd Story, Book of Forgotten Dreams

“After uncounted time had passed and Kazzi had created her crowning children, the Maora, and departed . Kaida who had watched all with his empty eyes roused from his place in the stars and walked among the Maora as one with them. Kaida came to know Kazzi’s children intimately, their hopes and fears, dreams and nightmares and realized a way to fill the emptiness of his soul. He turned some number of them awaw from their worship of his siblings and sought to teach them the understanding that only the Gods may know. In this, he killed the children he hoped to make.~ 7th Story, Book of Forgotten Dreams

“Great Kaida saw his error and took another number of the Mao and subverted them to his will. He forced their bodies to accept the brown clay of the fiery mountain and made them large. He drank of the liquid fire of Mount Eolan and breathed the fire into their hearts and thus the Eola were born. Tall, strong, passionate and quick to anger, they were the first of Kaida’s children. He communed with them for a time before growing dissatisfied and turned from them to contemplate his emptiness once more. ~ 8th Story, Book of Forgotten Dreams


The stories from before Baozuo are scattered and rare and thus most of the stories and tales have been passed down through the generations and their veracity must be accepted like any bedtime story.

In several written accounts that survived the exodus from the holy land, there is made mention of the slave race that the Mao used as physical labour. They were described as being large of size and strength with an inability to control their great tempers and passions. They were physically different not just in size but in their lack of external ears like the Mao and other races but had instead a dark pulsating gland on each side of their heads. They were able to hear great distances and a wider range of noises than any other race.

There is no record of the Eola ever being free from servitude, but it is mentioned in stories passed down that during the First Holy War the Mao were almost overcome by the sheer ferocity of the Eola’s attacks. Until the weakness inherent in their hearing was exploited bringing them low. The Eola after the war became slaves to the Mao as that was the only way to control their great fury.

The great strength and fury of the Eola helped immensely in the Second Holy War against the Gaora when the Faceless One attacked. After the war was over and the land had been ravaged, the Mao left leaving the other races behind. The Eola having no masters for the first time went a little wild for a time and fought constantly between themselves for the little resources they could find.

It was only through the intervention of the Asta and the Notta that the Eola were able to keep from destroying themselves completely and the three races left the ravaged Holy Land and sailed to a new home, arriving later on Eodaia and meeting the Mao once more, they were enslaved again.

According to some accounts there were many tribes of Eola in the Holy Land, including one tribe who were twice as tall as any seen today. These accounts have never been verified.


The average Eo resembles nothing more than overgrown Mao minus the protruding ears. They are immensely muscled due to their daily exercise regimen and constant sparring. Their heights range between 9’ to 12’ tall and their skin tends to a golden hue. They seem to be incapable of any hair growth. Their ears are pulsating membranes located where traditional ears should be and can pick up a wider arrange of sound than any other race. The Eola are very protective of their ears at all times. Their eyes are varied greatly in color and their nails tend to grow in a darker brown color.


The Eola pride purity of blood and honor above almost everything else. Their families are the result of an extensive centuries old breeding program to produce the most effective fighters and finest physical specimens.

Whether the Eo is from the cities or born free in the wilds between the nations, the mother will always give birth in an unprotected area exposed to the elements where she leaves the child for a day and a night. If the child is still alive when she returns then it is brought home to be raised. When an Eo child is born and survives the first day and night, the Father creates by hand a weapon especially for that child. The weapon is symbolically the Ka of the child and at the age of 25 is gifted to them. Should the weapon ever be lost, the life of the child is forfeit. Should the Eo die an honourable death then the weapon is buried with them.

From the moment an Eo can walk, they begin an extensive training regimen where they run from dawn to dusk until they can do so without tiring. At the age of 10, they begin to learn the basics of every style of combat the Eo are skilled in and when they reach the age of 15 must choose a specific field of interest.

After they have chosen their field, they must then entreat and prove themselves to a master of that school. If they prove themselves suitable then the master takes over their tutelage and they live in the school obeying every rule set down by the masters. As apprentices they train every day in combat and endure rigourous physical exercise to make sure they are fittest and finest their family can make. Should it happen that no master will take the Eo as an apprentice in their school then the child is usually exiled or for some clans stoned to death. Should the child ever run from their life then the parents are held accountable and must bring the child back to justice or be executed unceremoniously.

At the age of 25, they become masters themselves and are introduced to their mate picked for them at birth. This process is very involved and the women of each family have the final say. The process can last for weeks as each family proves to the other how worthy they are of combining their blood with each other, from competitions of physical fitness to extensive test for diseases and poor genes. When each side is satisfied, a bond is made that can not be broken without serious repercussions. The mating bond and testing is overseen by an Eo Zhurdana who has the last word on each family about their genetic status.

The Eo mate for life and when one dies, the other is expected to go through a mourning ceremony for a year while the body is treated with herbs and oils to preserve it. The surviving spouse never marries again.

There has never existed any inequality between male and female Eola as the merits of each are determined by their athletic and fighting finesse. The physical regimen the Eola endure was developed centuries ago to help give them a healthy outlet for the rage they feel always boiling close to the surface. They are an intensely passionate people and had very little self control. Part of the regimen helps them to develop a strong mental discipline that allows them control over the anger simmering inside, which they can tap into at will.

The Eola tolerate little change from their daily lives and some tribes are more strict than others. Their lives lived according to a highly detailed and strict honour code. Their villages and homes within the cities are noticeable for their architecture which seems nomadic with easily built homes and structures. The family all share one sleeping chamber where they sleep on the floor on hand woven bamboo mats. Eating and socializing is done as a large group of the clan in one massive area outside with various cook fires and stone circles for sitting.

Starting Stats
  • Adulthood: 18 years (Intuitive +1d4, Self Taught +1d6, Trained + 1d8)
  • Male Height & Weight: 8’6” + 3d12 in, 250 lbs + (3d12 x 10 lbs)
  • Female Height & Weight: 8’ + 3d12 in, 250 lbs + (3d12 x 10 lbs)
Standard Racial Traits
  • Ability Score Racial Traits: Eo receive a +4 bonus to Str, -2 penalty to Int and Wis
  • Size: Eo are Large sized and receive a –1 size penalty to their AC, a –1 size penalty on attack rolls, a +1 bonus
    on combat maneuver checks and to their CMD, and a –4 size penalty on Stealth checks.
  • Type: Eo are Humanoid with the Eola Subtype
  • Base Speed: Eo have a base speed of 40ft
  • Language: Eo begin play knowing their regional language or dialect.
Defense Racial Traits
  • Battle Hardened: Eo live a life devoted to the martial sciences. They gain a +1 bonus to CMD.
  • Cornered Fury: Eo are intensely loyal to those who earned their friendship. Whenever an Eo is reduced to half its hit points or fewer and has no conscious ally within 30 feet, it gains a +2 racial bonus on melee attack rolls and to Armor Class.
  • Defensive Training: Due to their lifestyle, All Eo have martial skills. Eo gain a +2 dodge bonus to Armor Class.
Feat and Skill Racial Traits
  • Skill Training: Due to their athletic lifestyles and martial way of thinking, Eo have Acrobatics and Intimidate as class skills.
Senses Racial Traits
  • Enhanced Hearing: One of the main changes Kaida wrought to create the Eo was to give them membranes on the sides of their heads instead of the Mao ears. This gave them the ability to sense a wider range of sound levels, even those in the super and sub sonic ranges. They receive a +5 bonus to hearing checks.
Racial Weakness
  • Poor Eyes: The trade for their hearing advantage lay in their sight. Eo vision is rather poor and short sighted. Beginning at 30ft, Eo receive a -2 on sight related perception checks. This penalty becomes -4 at 50ft, -6 at 70ft and so on. This penalty stacks with ranged penalties beyond a weapon’s range.
Alternate Racial Traits
  • Ferocity: Eo rarely go down without a fight. They gain the following extraordinary ability: If the hit
    points of a member of this race fall below 0 but it is not yet dead, it can continue to fight. If it does, it is staggered, and loses 1 hit point each round. It still dies when its hit points reach a negative amount equal to its Constitution score. This trait replaces Battle Hardened.
  • Frenzy: Battle can cause an Eo to lose control. Once per day, whenever an Eo takes damage, it flies into a frenzy for 1 minute, gaining a +2 racial bonus to Constitution and Strength, but a –2 penalty to AC. This trait replaces Cornered Fury


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