“Kazzi, the Mother of All, formed the creatures and plants from the aether leftover from the stars and populated the world of Paoru. She contemplated her children for a time before sparking upon an idea and in that idea, a great love bloomed for a unique race to have dominion over all else. She formed the love she felt and fused it with the clay of Paoru and created the Maora, her most favored children of all.” ~ 1st Story, Book of Forgotten Dreams

“When Kazzi finished populating the universe with stars and worlds and life, she took to naming them and therefore giving them purpose and life. Her brothers looked on in wonder at the plethora of beauty she had made and became jealous. Shazza asked Kazzi for some of her children to have as his own and Kazzi being wise and giving, gave him a certain number of the Yokai to name and have as his own. He called them the Tianshi and they were ever faithful to him. Dempo came in all his shadowy beauty and asked her sister to gift some children to him as well. Kazzi gazed into the endless darkness of Dempo and thoughtfully gave him more of her Yokai. Dempo took them and named them the Oni, who loved and feared great Dempo with all their being. Kaida remained still and gazed with mysterious eyes upon all that Kazzi had wrought and smiled.” – 3rd Story, Book of Forgotten Dreams

“After uncounted time had passed and Kazzi had created her crowning children, the Maora, and departed . Kaida who had watched all with his empty eyes roused from his place in the stars and walked among the Maora as one with them. Kaida came to know Kazzi’s children intimately, their hopes and fears, dreams and nightmares and realized a way to fill the emptiness of his soul. He turned some number of them away from their worship of his siblings and sought to teach them the understanding that only the Gods may know. In this, he killed the children he hoped to make.~ 7th Story, Book of Forgotten Dreams

“The emptiness of Kaida persisted stronger than before after he left the Notta. His loneliness made him wander deep into the wilds of Paoru until he came to a field high in the mountains in an enclosed valley. It was filled with the brightest and most beautiful of flowers as well as a settlement of Mao. He abided here for a time, coming to love the Mao and the plants they cultivated. Over time, he began to change the Mao as he done the others. He gave them the bright coloration of the flowers they loved and altered their organs, bones and skin to match. He took the waters of their sacred font and added his own blood to it transforming it and pumped it through their bodies and breathed life into them. Thus the Bloma were born. He stayed with them a while and taught them the mysteries of magic. Until as before, his heart grew cold and empty and he left.” ~ 10th Story, Book of Forgotten Dreams


According to the stories that have survived from Go-Shen, which is no more, the Bloma were always an aloof people. They kept themselves separate from the others, creating their own settlements and cities. After the first Holy War, they became the keepers of the mystical knowledge imparted to them by Kaida, before his fall.

During the Second Holy War, their skill with magic helped to turn the tide against the Gaora and the Faceless One. After they had been driven south to the frozen land, the Bloma Onmyoji willed the Divining Wall into existence to trap them there forever.

After the Maora exodus, the Bloma remained apart once more. Refusing to give up on their home, they remained even after the Notta, Eola and Asta left. Very little is known of this time in Go-Shen, which is no more, but what has been told is that the land became increasingly unstable. Volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunami threatened from all quarters until finally the Bloma were forced to admit defeat and left the holy land for good.

When they arrived on Eoda, the other races had been slaves to the Maora for a few centuries. Their arrival sparked a struggle between the Maora and the Bloma which blossomed into the Bloodkin War as the other enslaved races rose up to join the Bloma in the fight for freedom.

The Bloma’s knowledge of magic, which the other race’s lost, helped them once more turn the tide in war and forced the Maora to offer an armistice which became a full fledged peace negotiations after a few years.

AFter the Bloodkin War, the Bloma once more went their separate ways though a small number remained behind at the behest of the Emperor so they could teach the ways of magic once again.

They founded Chenmo di Baochi, the Silent Keep, as the only institution for mystical learning in the Empire.



The Bloma are not animal based like the the other races but are plant based instead. There are four subraces among their numbers, each with their own colorful skin patterns. The Bloma themselves are a tall willowy people, slight of form but strong and resilient. They require sunlight to survive and can only live for 7 days without it. They still require standard nutrition from meat and plants like the other races.

Physically the Bloma are similar in form to the Maora, with the exception of the ears. The Bloma ears appear much like the Maora ears but seem to be stuck to the sides of their head. Because of their plant based nature, they combine pheromones with verbal speech and minute body language signals only they can discern. Because of their ability to detect pheromones, they base much of their reaction with the world on how something or someone smells. Each of the races have a distinct odour which can change with various conditions.

Bloma physiology is plant based in nature. Their skin feels soft as flower petals, their muscles and bones are made of dense plant fibers and their blood is a thick white viscous liquid. If they ever lose any limb or piece of a body, they will grow a new one within a few weeks of resting.

Bloma of differing breeds tend to only associate within their own breed and never interbreed with any others except their own. In cities, this attitude is not as enforced except for the breeding rule.

Rao skin is a light reddish hue with swirls of white covering their bodies. Their hair grows in white and is light and wispy. Their eyes are a bright orange. They prefer warm, dry environments.

Blao skin is a deep dark blue with swirls of white. Their hair grows in a greenish tinge and their eyes are a dark green. They prefer cooler, moist environments

Gula skin is a pale creamy yellow with speckles at their joints. They grow no hair at all and their eyes are a crimson shade. They prefer hot, humid environments.

Vara skin is an obsidian black with dark purple swirls. their hair grows in blue and white streaks and their eyes are a pale blue. They have no preference for environment.


The Bloma live primarily within private communities, usually separate from any other city or town. They are very paranoid about outsiders given the history of the Mao and are unaffected by the other races as well. Their communes are usually no larger than a couple hundred and are heavily protected by greater words of perception and protection.


The Bloma are a complex people of subtle moods and emotions and sometimes strange views on relationships. Marriage doesn’t exist among their people though love plays a strong role in how they choose mates. Their definition of love is based heavily in pheromones. When a blom is ready to have a child, they are able to consciously release a heady mixture of pheromones. Should another blom be nearby, they will either be completely unaffected or they will react strongly to the pheromones and begin to release their own. It is entirely up to the female upon which mate she will choose in the end. How they feel emotionally about someone relies heavily upon how they smell. It is common for mating pairs to last for only one child, though some couples remain together to have up to 3 sometimes. It all comes down to pheromones.

Due to the sometimes complicated family structures that may develop from coupling like this, family is often defined by the mother’s bloodline whether that be full siblings from the same parents or half siblings, if your mother gave birth to them, they are siblings. Surnames are descended from the mother’s side, while first names are given by the father.

Children and Being Raised

Bloma settlements can be considered alien to the other races given their laxity with steady relationships. It is common for a single female blom to have at least 8 – 10 children in her lifetime, sometimes all from different fathers. This relaxed attitude towards relationships has resulted in a society based on communal properties. In any bloma settlement, there will be smaller houses for couples who wish privacy or are staying together for a while and at the center will be larger halls built to house the older and the youngest bloma. The halls are large sprawling structures with smaller barracks style rooms for the children and smaller rooms for the older bloma. It is considered the responsibility of the community to raise all the children. Over time as bloma age, their specific talents or skills will emerge and they will be paired with older bloma who reflect those talents.

The Bloma are a very spiritual people, believing wholeheartedly in the Gods gift of mysticism that was given them in the Holy Land. While the Notta took to crafts with a passion, the Bloma took to the mystic arts the same.

Starting Stats
  • Adulthood: 15 Years (Intuitive +1d4, Self Taught +1d6, Trained +2d6)
  • Male Height & Weight: 5’ + 2d10 in, 120 lbs + (2d10 x 5 lbs)
  • Female Height & Weight: 4’8” + 2d10 in, 85 lbs + (2d10 x 5 lbs)
Standard Racial Traits
  • Ability Score Racial Traits: Bloma receive a +2 to Int and Wis, and a -2 to Str
  • Size: Bloma are Medium creatures and receive no modifier based on size.
  • Type: Bloma are Humanoids with both the Bloma and Plant Subtypes
  • Base Speed: Bloma have a base speed of 30ft
  • Language: Bloma begin play knowing their particular settlement or sect’s pheromone based language as well as the nearest city or settlement’s language or dialect. Bloma with high intelligence may learn any language of any nation or region that their sect or settlement has amicable ties with.
Defensive Traits
  • Magic Immunity: Bloma are immune to magic sleep effects and gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws made against enchantment spells and effects.
  • Poison Resistance: Bloma gain a racial bonus on saving throws against poison effects equal to their Hit Dice.
Feat and Skill Racial Traits
  • Regeneration: Bloma have the ability to grow back any missing limbs over the course of several weeks. This also allows them to heal normal damage at twice the regular rate.
Senses Racial Traits*
  • Low Light Vision: Bloma can see twice as far as a race with normal vision in conditions of dim light.
  • Scent: Bloma gain the scent ability.


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